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Latest E. Coli reading, 05 December 2022: 295 (orange).

New Tsunami Safe Zone road marking — blue line near the intersection with Takapu Road.

New Tsunami Safe Zone marking

A new Tsunami Safe Zone road marking, a blue line, has been painted near the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road with Takapu Road. This is about 1 Km closer to…

Sarah Street burglary, 30 May 2022

According to the Horowhenua Neighbourhood Support Newsletter 3rd June 2022, there was a Burglary in Sarah St (20-50) on 30/5/2022. This is the regular reminder to lock up your stuff…

Screenshot of Criminal Occurrences listing.

Burglary, 18 March 2022

Thanks to the weekly Neighbourhood Support New Zealand newsletter we know that recently there have been people or vehicles acting suspiciously and at least one burglary in Waikawa Beach. The…