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Waikawa Glen olive oil wins Best in Show 2022

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The Blueberry Farm on Waikawa Beach Road is also home to award winning olive oil production. The 2022 Awards had 152 entries, but Waikawa Glen, owned by Lisa Buchan and Glenn Wigley won both the commercial intense blends Best in Class and the Best in Show.

“We were told two years ago when we won three gold medals, two best in class, and a runner-up to the boutique best in show, that we should never expect to have such a year again, so we were quietly pleased to get another gold medal last year,” owner Lisa Buchan said.
“It came as a complete surprise to get another gold medal at this year’s awards and then to be announced as best in our class for the commercial intense blends and even more amazing to be announced as best in show.
“I guess we were a bit overwhelmed.”
Waikawa Glen’s award winning oil was a mix of Frantoio, Leccino and Koroneiki.
Each of these varieties brings its own contribution to the palate - the Koroneiki was described by the judges as having an aroma of jasmine, clover, almond and pineapple with chilli pepper at the back of the throat, while the Frantoio/Leccino had an aroma of almond and black pepper.
“When these varieties get mixed, they bring the entire range of the palate into play.
“The judges said the blend had a ‘hint of clove, smooth and creamy mouthfeel with a warm peppery finish’.
“We knew the blend was pretty special, but I had a wee moment last week when I had some of it on a salad and my senses went into overdrive, so that was when I started thinking maybe this could be a winner.”

Source: Waikawa Glen and Noble Estate win big at NZ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards

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