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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

Toilet block update to 06 November 2022

Toilet block exterior from Manga Pirau Street.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

This week there are a bunch of very noticeable changes to the toilet block. It has been painted a pale blue, there are doors in place, the pump housing has been put in place and there are picnic tables at the BBQ end. The concrete path and ramp around the block has also almost been completed.

It’s starting to really look as though it’ll soon be complete. Lights still need to be wired up and outside showers and dog water bowls fitted, and probably there’s still work to take place inside.

After that the Council has to be given a Certificate to Occupy and then the building can at last start to be used.

Toilet block exterior showing BBQ end.

BBQ end with picnic tables and pump housing.

New concrete in place.

This item was updated on 6 November 2022 19:31:19