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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

Toilet block update 08 October 2022

Toilet block with air vent cowls.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

This week the air vent cowls have been added, and work is going on inside the toilet block.

After chatting with Stephan Titze, the project manager, I learned that once work is complete HDC need to wait for a Certificate To Occupy (CTO) before the building can be used by the public.

The building will be painted once complete, and there is still a thought to cover the walls with a mural by a local artist though there’s a problem with the budget for that.

The building will also be officially Opened with a small ceremony that the community will be invited to. More details on that once it’s been organised.

Building work should be complete by the end of October 2022, and HDC are determined to have the toilet block in use by summer. 

This item was updated on 11 October 2022 07:23:17