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Heritage Aircraft in our skies

4 heritage planes in flight.
Photo: Air Force Heritage Flight of New Zealand.

Keep your eyes peeled on 01 April 2022. It may take more than an hour to drive from Waikawa Beach to Ohakea, but the Air Force Base is actually only 60 Km by direct flight (a distance a T-6C Texan II could cover in ~6 minutes). That may be one reason why we have so many military aircraft passing over.

Photo credit.

The aircraft we see may be a bit more varied soon, thanks to the newly established Air Force Heritage Flight. As the New Zealand Defence Force reports in Air Force Heritage Flight takes off:

New Zealand’s military aviation heritage will now be on regular display throughout the country with the establishment of the four aircraft-strong Air Force Heritage Flight of New Zealand at Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Base Ohakea in the Manawatū.
The purpose of the Flight is to commemorate and sustain the memory of New Zealand’s military aviation heritage…
The RNZAF will be providing the pilots to fly the aircraft and the intent is to conduct flypasts, displays and static displays throughout New Zealand. …
The Air Force Heritage Flight of New Zealand currently comprises Harvard NZ1076, Tiger Moth NZ662, Spitfire PV270 and Avenger NZ2518 (“Plonky”), all legendary aircraft. …
The Flight will be marking the 85th anniversary of the RNZAF by conducting a series of flypasts in Central New Zealand on the day, Friday 1 April [2022]. They will fly over towns in the Manawatū, Wairarapa and Wellington areas, and then on to Christchurch and back to Ohakea by a different route in the course of the day. …

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