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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

HDC have sought expressions of interest for a new beach access

Screenshot from the agenda.

Horowhenua District Council are having an ordinary Meeting on 01 February 2023.

Update: the wording on these items could be improved. After some thought I believe the provider will be running consultaion meetings rather than doing physical work.

Interesting to note these two report items in the agenda at Minutes & Agendas - Horowhenua District Council (emphasis mine):

Page 166: “Council Actions Monitoring Report 2023 as at 25 January 2023 — “Reference: 21/502 Resolution/Action: That the Chief Executive provide a full report on all options in respect of vehicular beach access at Waikawa Beach. Officer: A Nelson Due Date: 30/11/2022 Status: In Progress Officer Comment: Officers have tendered this work and received three responses. An evaluation has been completed and a preferred provider identified. The work will include consultation with iwi and the community and a report will be prepared for presentation to Council.”

Page 84: “Officers are seeking expressions of interest to design the proposed new Waikawa Beach access. This project will include significant consultation with the community and will require a resource consent from Horizons Regional Council prior to any physical works. Two providers have returned prices thus far and Officers are waiting on a third. This work arose from the 21-41 LTP and recognises whilst the beach community at Waikawa Beach is keen to retain vehicular access to the beach there is a balance between facilitating access and protecting/preserving the natural environment at Waikawa Beach.

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