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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

Bike stand by footbridge complete

Stand that supports 10 bikes.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

At the end of May 2022 the final work was done on the bike stand by the footbridge. Carolyn Copeland, Roading Projects Team Leader says:

There is a wheel stop behind the racks, to prevent cars driving into the back of them

Nice to see this support for 10 bikes where previously there was nothing for cyclists.

As far as I know there will be another bike stand by the toilet block once work there is complete (scheduled for mid-year).

Update, June 2022: after I queried the width of the stands and how my bike’s front wheel was ‘blocked’ by the disc brake Carolyn Copeland replied, and supplied a couple of useful photos:

We specifically ordered these racks as they have a wider spacing to fit tyres used on mountain bikes and electric bikes
In saying that the wheel should not protrude that far in regardless

Two mountain bikes side by side in the stand.

A mountain bike in the stand.

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