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Toilet block work plan, Week 3 and beyond

Sign showing existing building and artist view of new building.

Today the builder advised me of next steps in the toilet block rebuild:

  • Demolition has been completed
  • Engineers first inspection has been carried out and the Ok has been given to proceed
  • Our contractor is approximately 1 week away from starting onsite, this delay is 100% due to covid isolations

The next steps will be

  • sort trenching for the new plumbing in the toilet area.
  • Set up for the new foundations, posts and floor to the BBQ area.

There will be a few week where it seams not to much is being achieved. This is generally when the foundations are being sorted and if this is done incorrectly or rushed this will have massive implications on the rest of the project. Once the ground works are complete the rest should come together relatively quickly with a lot of visual progress.

Guido Beijersbergen, Site Manager

This item was updated on 25 March 2022 11:37:42