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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

Toilet block progress to 26 August 2022

Toilet block as seen from the road. Green building paper is on the walls of the roof structure.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

When I was chatting with the builders a couple of days ago they told me there have been 53 rain days since the upgrade project started. Not only are those conditions unpleasant to work in, but the risk of damage to crucial and expensive tools is a major concern.

The roof trusses are on and internal walls are up in the toilet block proper. The floor height though needs to be increased by about 50mm.

For comparison with last month look at Toilet block update as at 31 July 2022.

Toilet block, BBQ end.

Toilet block, as seen from Hank Edwards Reserve, BBQ end.

Toilet block, showing roof structure and internal walls.

Toilet block, as seen from Hank Edwards Reserve, showing roof structure and green building paper.

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