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Toilet block progress and roundup as at 20 June 2022

BBQ area concreted.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

In response to a query about progress on the toilet block, Stephan Titze, Parks and Property Project Lead at Horowhenua District Council has advised:

As you have noticed we had several delays in the construction process which had various reasons.
Here just to mention some

  • Findings on the existing structures / services
  • Availability / response of required trades / specialists (for example structural engineer)
  • Weather
  • Covid

At the moment we are looking forward to a completion date by end August [2022]. We should not have any material delays but still facing the problems of the availability of required specialised trades. As you have noticed the concrete floor has been laid and as soon as the brick layer will be available the wall can receive their expected height. Following steps should be the roof development and the development of the internal wall.

Toilet block from the rear.

Shower area concreted.

Toilet block from the street.

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