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Toilet Block demolition, Day 1 morning

Men's toilet block partly demolished.
Men's toilet block partly demolished. Photo by Miraz Jordan.

The demolition of the Hank Edwards Reserve toilet block began promptly on Monday 14 March 2022. The perimeter fence was quickly erected and the men’s toilet block was knocked down.

Some neighbours had asked for and were given a few specific concrete blocks as mementos and the wooden Men and Women signs with sunbursts were saved for the Ratepayer’s Association archives.

Sign for women's toilet, with sunburst.

This was progress around lunchtime.

Fence with sign and AED.

Wide view of the site from Manga Pirau Street.

Wide view from the south.

More fence and the portaloo for the builders.

A truck collected rubble.

Rubble and roofing iron.

The remaining interior of the men's block behind a pile of rubble.

Close up of rubble and partly demolished building.

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