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Toilet block commentary 17 September 2022

Facility Under Construction poster.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

I emailed Stephan Titze, Horowhenua District Council Parks and Property Project Lead | Kaihautū Kaupapa Papa Rēhia, Rawa, for an update about the toilet block progress. Here’s his reply below.

In brief: work should be finished by the end of October 2022, overall costs are within budget and in about February 2023 a mural will be done. The community will be asked for input on the mural after the other work has been completed.

As you may have noticed the construction has gain speed again after we had some delays and the construction seems to pause for a while.
The resent delays have been mainly in regards to the weather events. However, as you pointed out in your e-mail, previous delays could been linked to pandemic related impact such as staff shortage with the contractor itself or this subcontractor and the availability of materials.
At this stage we are looking forward for a finishing date end of October [2022]. No further delays are expected as our contractor confirmed that all required material is in his possession and the related subcontractors are booked.
The roof installation is almost finalized which should provide our contractor a weather in depended work schedule. Remain concrete works (development front access ramp and walkway) can be scheduled when weather allows and is not blocking any other work process.
Although we have some cost variations the overall cost for this project staying in the expected budget.
No decision done on any mural paints yet as I was hoping to get some input from the community.
Maybe I can use your platform to get some ideas / pictures which we will be able to transform into a mural. However, please notice that at this stage, I would like to be concentrated on the finalization of the construction and such mural installation can be done after the contractor has finished his construction works.
Looking at the timeframe in regards of the upcoming summer and x-mas holidays - the mural installation will be most likely in Febr. 2023.
I hope this answers your questions - however - if you need clarification or require further information / assistance please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me.
Kind regards

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