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Temporary hold on glass recycling from 28 March 2022

Deborah Campbell, District Coordinator, Horowhenua Neighbourhood Support emailed today:

On Friday Council issued a Glass recycling notice for the Horowhenua District that come into effect today Monday 28th March [2022]. This has been issued because of the impact that Omicron is having on the Recycling Station.

Horowhenua District Council
Temporary change to glass recycling
All kerbside glass recycling collections will temporarily stop from Monday. This is due to the impact of Omicron on the sorting facility we send our recycling to.
Collections of glass will stop from Monday 28 March 2022.
Kerbside recycling wheelie bins will continue to be collected as normal. Please do not put any glass in your kerbside recycling wheelie bin as this can damage machinery and hurt those who are sorting the recycling. Recycling wheelie bins with glass in them cannot be collected.
Glass can either be cleaned & stored until collections resume, or taken to the static recycling stations for disposal, if needed.
Static recycling station locations can be found on here: https://bit.ly/3uk00Us. We apologise for any inconvenience and will provide further updates as soon as they become available.

This item was updated on 28 March 2022 14:30:08