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Latest E. Coli reading, 07 February 2023: 389 (orange).

Power out almost 19 hours 13 to 14 June 2022

Screenshot of Electra outage info.

After days of severe thunderstorms rolling through every few hours, on the afternoon of Monday 13 June 2022 at around 3.30 there was a huge lightning flash, an enormous roll of thunder right overhead and the power went off.

There were a couple of momentary flickers of the lights but power was eventually restored at around 1015 am on Tuesday 14 June. That’s a total outage of almost 19 hours.

Note: with any power outage visit Electra Outages for information and to report a problem.

For me, one problem was I kept expecting the power to come back on at any moment. I could have lit the fire and made a cup of tea or cooked some dinner. Maybe next time? With global climate change giving us more frequent and longer lasting storms perhaps we should expect more power outages…

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