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Miratana beach track update, August 2022

Bottom of the track reinforced with driftwood on either side.
Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Driftwood plays an important role in protecting and building up the beach.

Enterprising members of the Beach Access Working Group recently added driftwood reinforcements to the beach end of the access track through Miratana land.

With any luck the driftwood will help trap sand and more driftwood, while also stopping drivers from breaking down the sides of the ‘ramp’ the Council formed.

Meanwhile, at the request of residents, the Horowhenua District Council have reinstated the bilingual ‘Private Property’ signs at the start of the track. This is a good reminder to locals and visitors that the land they’re passing through isn’t public land.

The track entrance shows several signs, including the bilingual sign.

Close up of the bilingual Private Property sign.

This item was updated on 8 August 2022 10:55:48