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Help plant a bit more spinifex 26 November 2022

Eroded dunes by the Miratana block.
Eroded dunes by the Miratana block. Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Craig Kidd, Parks and Property Officer | Āpiha Papa Rēhia, Rawa has asked for some help planting a bit more spinifex — this time across the front of the Miratana block on Saturday 26 November 2022 at 9.00am. Update: postponed to 03 December 2022.

He says:

We do stand a chance of the plants being washed out, which is the down side and feel it is better to try and gain ground than continue to lose ground.

The planting will be on the Miritana Block and we see this is a benefit to both the land owners and to Council as they give permission for access to the beach over their land.

Are you able to see if, we can muster some help to plant a single row of plants and would not take more than an hour if there is no more than 5 able bodied people.

Anyone in?

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