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Beach access Working Group

Diggers work with piles of sand on the beach in June 2018.
Diggers work with piles of sand on the beach in June 2018. Photo by Miraz Jordan.

A post on Facebook on 15 June 2022 by Debra Betts advised:

At a recent meeting of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association it was discussed that it would be useful to form a community group with the aim of exploring how to maintain the beach access – (this was before recent events). As we know from previous posts, and the long history of interactions with Horizons and Horowhenua councils, this is complex long term issue, but it would be proactive to come together to explore what we could as a community do.

A meeting was held at Manakau Hall on Sunday 03 July 2022 “to discuss how we can come together as a community to explore maintaining beach access for the future”:

The aim of this meeting is form a small working group that will actively explore our options for a long term solution.

As I understand it a number of the 30 or so people who attended have been tasked with various aspects of research.

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