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2022 spinifex planting plans

On Spinifex planting Day Saturday 29 September 2018.
On Spinifex planting Day Saturday 29 September 2018. Photo by Miraz Jordan.

Craig Kidd, HDC Parks and Property Officer | Āpiha Papa Rēhia, Rawa advised us about planned Spinifex planting at Waikawa Beach for 2022:

We are looking at 3500 - 4500 Plants for Waikawa Beach.
There are no issues with planting Spinifex along the foredune in front of the walkway and can view over the next few weeks.
Our plants arrive in August and will plan planting in September — any thoughts for a day and will need to check tides.
We will try and get spinifex Plants planted, along from the groyne to Strathnaver whenever there is any sand build up and may even plant into the bank to try and establish spinifex to arrest the erosion.
My thoughts at the moment, are to also hold back 1000 plants for opportunistic planting, if there is any rapid build up of sand along the edge of the Miritana block.
In Behind the houses at Manga Pirau Street we have had a good result with Spraying the gorse, lupin and acacia and there is follow up work required.
There is a large agave plant which is spreading and will try and get this removed, it’s the type with the nasty pointed spines.

I suggested that weekends work best for planting bees.

Update 23 August 2022 from Craig:

I have had walk along the beach this morning and yes, we will plant spinifex in the areas of poor cover , coincidentally where there is marram growing. At least the sea did not clip the toe of the dunes like Foxton.
Last year’s planting had looked poor at one stage and looking at this this this morning, I was very surprised to see how well it has established.
We will extend out from last year’s planting as well as build on the corner coming into the river mouth where there is a distinct bench been formed with the sand and not sure if this is building up or my imagination.

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